Celebrating 20 Years of IFIG

In 2019 IFIG will celebrate 20 years of supporting an investigation community comprising of almost 300 member organisations who are dedicated to the prevention and detection of insurance fraud. The IFIG membership is as passionate today in its commitment to stopping fraud as it was two decades ago and on a day-today basis actively contributes to the insurance industry’s identification of increasing levels of fraud – amounting to £1.3 billion in 2017.

During the last 20 years IFIG has supported its community of insurance fraud investigators by providing a platform to share knowledge, best practice and more than a few war stories.  Our Members have been responsible for gathering evidence that has contributed to the detection of fraud and their evidence has supported many prosecutions. 

Insurance fraud continues to evolve rapidly and the counter fraud landscape is incredibly dynamic.  Investigators who are embracing emerging methodologies and counter fraud tools whilst also need to understand and adopt changes in legislation. There is an opportunity to support investigators in these areas whilst promoting even higher investigation standards for the insurance market. 

The next stage of IFIG’s evolution in championing high standards is to provide access to investigation training for all.  I firmly believe that we have the best investigators in the insurance sector and that this should be recognised.  It is also essential that training is accessible to those with the least experience in order that consistency of results and professionalism can be maintained.  Our aim is to minimise the obstacle of cost in gaining access to training materials and I’m delighted to report that our Members are already beginning to express a strong interest.  2019 will see IFIG introduce a program of training for Members with access to shared knowledge and work towards accreditation.

By continuing to work together as a collaborative community, sharing latest insights, knowledge and guidance on best practice, our Members will continue to drive up standards, meet new challenges and have a positive impact on insurance fraud.

Steve Jackson, Chairman